Wednesday, 24 August 1994

Aerosmith Again

Saw Aerosmith at the Ottawa Ex again.  When they're teeny and halfway across a football stadium like that, most of the energy and passion doesn't really come across.  Also, seeing them play "Dude Look Like A Lady" and hearing a saxaphone when there is clearly no saxaphonist on stage really spoils the illusion that the guys you see are producing the sound you are hearing.

Thursday, 3 February 1994

Bat Out Of Hull

(yes, I took this)   It was quite something to see Meat Loaf in Hull, Quebec with some friends.  Some had a bit too much to drink, and some didn't want to see Meat Loaf, but I was pretty into it, as I had not previously seen an arena rock show of this kind before.  The show started with a little string quartet playing a melody of Meat Loaf songs, and then the lead guitarist ran out, hair flying and growly riffs pouring out, and the quartet of ladies on their little black dresses pretended to run off stage in fear, but managed to take all their instruments, sheet music and music stands with them quite carefully.     Meat Loaf seemed to have serious trouble with keeping anywhere near on rhythm for the slow songs.  His vibrato was extremely out of control, but on the loud, fast songs he really let go and tore the roof off.  Hearing him cover other people's songs was cool, also.  He liked talking to the audience, and was very funny.  He referred to this venue being the last one he played on his original "Bat Out Of Hell" tour in the 70's, and how he had fallen off the stage drunk, tore ligaments in his knee and had a nervous breakdown.  He hasn't been the same since.  I got a couple of shots, including these ones.