Sunday, 13 December 2015

December Book Promotion

I'm still slaving away, reading hundred of pages of densely-packed text into my computer, and editing it and integrating the voices of others who read their own sound bits into it, to make my podcast/audiobook.  It's quite a thing.  I've had to sing like smurfs, the Muppets, Billy Corgan and people at meeting.
It's here:

What I'm doing this December, is shipping free 'movie posters' (24" x 36") of the book to the first five people who want one.  (There is no movie, but the cover of the book is a pretend movie poster, so the merch is... a poster)

The poster being up on a wall is free promotion for my book, so if you're willing to put the poster up on a wall, I'll ship you a free poster.  Comment below if you'd like one.