Sunday, 9 November 1997

Penn and Teller

Bill and I just had to see Penn and Teller at the National Arts Centre.  We brought Joel and some friends as well, and some Bill and Joel drama occurred, which I think I defused by poo-pooing it firmly.   It was quirky, funny, bewildering and cool.  Penn did more preachy talking than I thought, as a fanatical materialist.  After the show, we were amazed to see Penn and Teller were standing outside in the hall signing autographs.  We waited for some time.  I was surprised that Teller (the little one) was a few inches taller than my 5'8".  He talked, too.  Penn is really staggeringly tall at 6'6".  I wanted to have something perfect to say to him, but could only say "It's a good thing you aren't a preacher!" despite time to plan something good.