Tuesday, 15 September 1998

Eric Clapton

Amy and I went to see Eric Clapton. I actually really liked Bonnie Rait, who opened for Clapton, more than Clapton himself.  Clapton had big glasses and no beard, and I felt a bit cheated.  "Where is the Clapton from the album covers, with the beard?!" I wondered.  He soloed endlessly and without the soul that I hoped he'd have, unliked Rait, who had all the soul anyone could ask.  Particularly tedious was Clapton's catalogue of Adult Contemporary Music sounding stuff, and his extended soloing back and forth with his keyboard player who, unbelievably, had a keyboard Clapton sound-alike setting on, and pretended to be Clapton, while Clapton played call and answer bits with him, which was more schooled and less fun.