Thursday, 12 August 1999

Roger Waters

I've never seen Pink Floyd, so going with Bill to the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto and seeing Roger Waters yesterday was a thing to see.  All of those amazing songs, and with lasers and blobshow projections and so on.  He was funnier than one would expect, and also seemed to be deeply enjoying rock starring it up.  He was dressed all in black, with a black bass guitar.  He began playing as the sun set, and seagulls wheeled overhead.  He focussed on the sorts of songs that his exbandmates don't tend to play.  He played all of "Animals and during the huge instrumental part in the middle, he and the other musicians who don't do anything during that part (everyone besides the keyboardist and drummer) went to one side and drank beer while playing cards while sitting on a couch, which was on the video screens, including the hands they were playing.  It was amazing.  The best show I've seen yet.  Then the 5 hour drive back home, of course, to talk about it.