Thursday, 29 September 2011

Time Lapse

I've been teaching my new high school English classes for a month now, so obviously can't write all the funny, troubling, awesome, sad and weird things that happen.  What I've been doing apart from that is trying out time-lapse photography.  A few videos of it are on my YouTube page now.  I've tried to get gloomy clouds and tonight was all about the streaky tail-lights.

I also went and saw Roger Daltrey of The Who.  Very glad I did.  I'm more of a Pink Floyd's The Wall fan than I am a The Who's Tommy, but I like Tommy also, as a somewhat lesser, but cool, work.  Daltrey was in amazing form, especially for someone who is 67, has had throat surgery in the past couple of years, has lost two of the four members of the band that made him famous, and had Pete Townsend's brother Simon with him in place of Pete.  Daltrey fluttered around with a pair of tamborines as if they were prosthetic wings, he did yo-yo tricks with his microphone, joked around with the audience a lot, sang a medley of Johnny Cash songs, and played harmonica, guitar and ukelele.  ("Pete would never play song because he said he'd look fuckin' stupid wearing a ukelele.  Here I am, obviously not giving a SHIT!")  Mostly he just rocked out with a somewhat deeper, snarlier, growlier, rougher version of one of the most iconic voices in rock history.