Monday, 2 December 1996


I played guitar from a Neil Young songbook, yet I'd never seen him perform before tonight.  This has been a crazy year for concerts.  Neil was considerably more mellow than Ozzy or were, though he was playing in the same venue.  He started to play "Harvest Moon" and then stopped dead and mumbled "We'll play that song later.  Maybe in November."   Bill and I had terrible seats, so Neil was a tiny speck, but being in the room with those songs and the guy who wrote them was really quite something.

Wednesday, 25 September 1996

The Ozzman

Ozzy had Danzig and Sepulchura opening for him, and the fans were so impatient for Ozzy to take the stage that Tony Danzig pouted and stomped off the stage.  Ozzy had a montage of famous movie scenes with him digitally inserted into them.  He seemed to be troubled by the audience's characteristic Ottawa reserve, and kept shouting and ranting at us to "go crazy."  He shambled up and down the stage waving his arms a lot.  The audience was getting a bit more rowdy, and eventually Ozzy shouted "The croiziest son of a bitch in 'ere can come bockSTOIGE!" and a riot broke out instantly, out of nowhere.     Chairs were being thrown, people were nervously sidling out of the place with the houselights up, the show stopped after only half of it being performed, and the police came in.  On my way out, I saw troops of policemen running in, while troops of policewomen were running out, calling policemen on their radios as they ran.  Two huge guys were on the floor fighting, and I saw a policemen try to break them up and get punched in the face to huge raucous cheers.  It was scary and exhilarating.

Monday, 5 August 1996

Monsters of Rock

I didn't get to see them when I was in grade 3, when, seeing their record sleeves, I found them scary, fascinated and probably serving Satan, but I got to see them tonight.  They had full makeup, the four original members, 25 foot high inflatables of each band member, a flying, firework spitting guitar, and Gene Simmons flew on wires up onto the top of the lighting rig by the ceiling of the arena, from where he played "God of Thunder."  Bill couldn't find me after he'd been for a smoke, and I had the tickets, so he bought a second ticket, sat elsewhere and I didn't see him until afterward.  Like Meat Loaf, this was a well put together show which rocked out far beyond the merit and abilities of the artists or their music.

Saturday, 25 May 1996

Barenaked again

I've seen the Barenaked Ladies pretty much every time they've come to Ottawa.  They keep getting bigger and bigger.  They really do their homework.  They always talk about doing things in the city they're playing.  This time, they had some really convincing and bizarre stories about Tulipfest in Ottawa, and what streets were under construction.

Thursday, 23 May 1996

The Rheos

Saw the Rheostatics at Barrymore's tonight.  They were funny, eclectic, eccentric and very Canadian.