Thursday, 24 June 2004

New York Bound

The plan is to go to New York City tomorrow. Exciting. Rental car. Missing the last big practice my band is having before the big gig in Napanee, home of Avril Lavigne. I would like to busk in New York, wander about and see Fahrenheit 9/11 there.
[note: rented a car, did all of the above, and busked in Battery Park and saw the ruins of the World Trade Centers.  At the movie, they put on The Terminal instead of Fahrenheit 9/11 and were going to leave it, but we made such an outcry they switched it.]

Thursday, 10 June 2004

A multimedia yearbook for the Alt School

All year at the Adult/Alternative High School where I work, I've been taking digital camera pictures of any and all special events. I have a lot of pics now, and the boss lady suggested "Why don't we(you) make a digital Yearbook for the graduating students?" She thought I should do this and then burn it onto a CD for them. I pointed out that many of them might not have computers, or not good enough ones for playing movie files, especially if I put sound on it. I suggested making what she said, then outputting it to VHS tape. Far more people have VCRs than good computers. For the last day and a half I have been paid to stay home and work on it on my computer systems at home. I have been sitting in my underwear in the sweltering room, editing away for pay. I put the still pics into PowerPoint slideshows, outputted these to video format, added a couple of funny little video short things, threw in some Flash animation and a soundtrack and classic Hanna Barbara sound effects, and we had a winner. I consulted a friend for a perfect current #1 hit single for the first part (I don't listen to the radio) and it's done.

Saturday, 5 June 2004

the sound guy

For the graduation ceremony for this region's group of Adult/Alternative High Schools, I was the "sound guy". I also ended up climbing up and down inside one of those metal "Tube" ladders like you see in submarine movies, to turn lighting on and off. Here I am, dressed in my no-nonsense utility clothing.