Monday, 14 July 2008

Trigger Messages

I think everybody has a specific phrase or message which is really all anyone at all has to say, in order to cut them to the quick.  I think people all have their own specific trigger messages, the use of which are guaranteed to get them where they live instantly.  They don't even have to be conveyed in words to work.  I think I know what mine is: Go away.  You don't matter.  I am more than content to live the rest of my life as if you didn't exist. In other words, I get far more hurt and annoyed by people who simply ignore me than by people who are rude to me.  Say that to me with your words or your manner and I will want to murder you where you stand, because you have cut me to the ground with that simple message.  If I knew why that was, or how to get past it with serenity, I'd probably be a much more stable and grounded person than I am right now.  Having "buttons" for people to push isn't an ideal way to be.

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