Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ask A Wikkid Person

Dear Wikkid Person,
   How do you see grace now?

Desperately Seeking Grace

Dear DSG,
   I was raised to view grace (and love) as God giving us salvation free of charge, but wanting us to sacrifice all pleasure and joy for the rest of our lives so as to be worthy of it.  I was raised to view mercy as God being very, very angry, but promising, once His Son got between us and Him, not to actually torture us forever in never-ending fire/darkness.  Like most of us, I got my understanding of God's love, grace and mercy from my father, who definitely expected me to view him feeding me and not punishing me as mercy, and him punishing and correcting my foolishness and argumentativeness as the primary way I experienced his love.
   I am now viewing grace (and love and mercy) as things I don't really understand very well, but would like to start to learn about.  In fact, I always used to ask God for specific stuff, and then try not to resent Him when He (pretty much never) gave me what I'd asked for.  Now I'm opening the door to Him loving me, being generous, merciful and gracious in His own way, however much He has it in Him to do that, and I'm waiting to see if I can discern any of that, generally, in His dealings with me.
   I am determined neither to do a thing to try to 'be worthy' of or earn grace, mercy and blessing, nor to give a thought to deserving or not deserving them.  Grace and blessing and mercy are His thing.  I'm going to leave Him to it and see what He does.

With affection,
...that Wikkid Person

Dear Wikkid Person,
   Is there any way you will ever like PB and jam again?  Or is it all about the jam? (ming)
Sandwich Lover

Dear Sandwich Lover,
   I surely do love a good jam. I like Plymouth Brethren jamming and other kinds of jamming as well.  The next time Jon Martin is around, maybe he can be induced to jam once again.

...that Wikkid Person

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