Sunday, 29 December 2013

Your Idol

I'm going to keep this simple: You have an idol.  Your idol is that thing you and your people made, that you look to for all the answers.  They used to build them out of woods.  Now we build them out of words.  It cannot save you, no matter what (or whom) you sacrifice to it. 
   Because you made it.  You and your people.  And you cannot save yourselves, even with stuff you think up and make.  You need Someone who can move around outside you and your stuff to do that. Someone who isn't locked into your feeling, thinking and life patterns.  Someone not blinded by your fears and agendas.
   But you really do need to be saved.  And your religion can't do it. Not your doctrine, your vision, your approach, perspective or strategies.  Yet you need to be saved.

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