Saturday, 21 December 2013

Hey! I Hate to do Surveys! So I Made You One!

This blog is, by nature, very one-sided.  Just me talking.  Generally no response besides several porny spam comments daily.  Hoping it connects to someone real. That it provokes thoughts and feelings, anyway. I believe strongly in the need for that. I would love to sit down and chat with every one of you, but we Christians are really kind of "in it" for the separation, control, dividedness and resultant loneliness, aren't we?  (Sort of kidding)
   I made a ten question survey in Survey Monkey, designed to help me learn what the experience of taking a step back from, or outright leaving Brethren communities is like and how it was for people and stuff like that.  It's anonymous. I hope people use the "Other"/comments box a lot. Give it a try: 

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