Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Wikkid Website Gets a Zippy New Look for Spring!

It's true.  I did the Wikkid Website in about 2001, and didn't really ever change it. Just kept tacking new stuff onto it without taking anything away.  A former student of mine who went on to design websites saw it and commented.  So I took a couple of days and built a new one from the ground up, as it were.  With a more unified vision.
   Go have a look.  It's simpler and cleaner and more focused.  It's about lines of communication and about connection.  It's about not arguing so much as understanding.  It's about being open rather than being right.  Or so it attempts.  My upbringing is strong. I learn but slowly.
   It's pretty sweet.  It's not entirely done yet, though. My favourite bit is how it has a box that displays new posts to this blog without me needing to do a thing but post new blog entries over here.
   I hope my online stuff leads to understanding and connection.  I hope I get some "Ask A Wikkid Person" questions.  Serious or otherwise.
  Normally people just take in whatever I put online and I never know a thing about that.  Inviting people to selfie in my merch was a bold step, today.  I feared that no one would be willing.  Several people stepped right up.  Everyone wanted the "Despair Creature" design.  I drew that, so I'm pretty proud, though I "stole" it from a diagram of a chicken embryo mostly.  It helps me to base my stuff on something else.  I'm a bit of a parodist, I guess.  Not everyone notices that the "Venus Buchannan" drawing is an homage to Botticelli:

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